The Restricted Area

Low Post Gazette creator Simon Cherin-Gordon has a podcast! You can listen to all the episodes here, with the most recent at the top.

Nov 26: Devin Booker vs. James Harden, the next Anthony Randolph, Thon Haters

Nov 19: Ben Simmons’ offense, Celtics defense, Jamal Murray’s upside

Nov 12: Russ, Bled, Frank, Lauri

Nov 5: Miami shooting woes, young big men, Joe Dumars

Oct 29: Pistons, Pick-and-Roll defense, Kentucky guys

Oct 22: Weekendly Restricted Area, Vol. 1

Oct 4: Best bets with Justin Savaso

Sep 5: Guess that over/under with Justin Savaso, Part 2 (Western Conference)

Sep 2: Guess that over/under with Justin Savaso, Part 1 (Eastern Conference)

Sep 1: Kyrie-Isaiah trade with Ashwin Ramnath

August 20: Offseason Winners and Losers by Division

August 12: NBA Four Questions with Ashwin Ramnath

July 10: Live Summer League Recap, Prospect Watch and Free Agency Awards

June 20: Live NBA Mock Draft

May 12: Playoff Talk, Offseason Previews and FA Predictions w/ Justin Savaso

May 5: Round 2 Revisions, Playoff Awards

April 14: First-Round Preview, NBA Awards and New Kendrick

April 6: NBA Rank with Justin Savaso

March 30: Warriors Talk with Pops

March 23: The Definitive Russell Westbrook Critique

March 3: KD Scenarios, Magic as Lakers Pres, JaVale Sensitivity and Top 10 PFs

February 24: Trade Deadline with Ashwin Ramnath

February 17: Preseason Bets Revisited, All-Star Saturday, Top 10 Shooting Guards w/ Justin Savaso

February 10: Cavs-Wizards Classic, LeBron-Barkley, Top 10 Point Guards and More